About Us

We have a cool story – if you would like to know how this daddy/daughter venture started, watch this video:

If not, take our word for it – the story is cool, the product is awesome, and we thank you for checking us out. Please spread the word.

Our product is field tested and student approved. The day that a parent, at St. Andrew’s School in Mississippi, told me that LockerBones was at the top of their child’s birthday list, I knew this was going to be big. Another child, with a droopy look on his (yes, his) face looked at me, the “LOCKER GUY,” and said, “My parents won’t to buy me one, but I hope to save up and get one from you soon.” OK, I may have been suckered into it, but I did discount one and see that it was in his locker a few days later. Yes, I am better known at my children’s school as the “LOCKER GUY” to both the parents and the students. I guess this is good. After all, I do find this venture as rewarding as the degrees I earned while using my own locker years ago. I wish I had LockerBones then!

Lastly, we love to hear your stories. Your comments are inspiring and helpful. One of my favorite statements from a relieved mom – “Finally, my son had a great day at school thanks to your Locker Organizer. He was so stressed, but now he doesn’t worry about being late to classes because he can quickly get things out of his locker due to locker organization made possible by Lockerbones. Thank you so much!” (from a mother at St. Andrew’s in Jackson, MS). 

This isn’t just a product for lockers, it is a product that promotes organization – an important life skill!

Thank you for your purchase!

– Greg (Dad) and Ashley (Daughter)