LockerBones Locker Organizer Installation and Configuration


Our patented design makes our product the most versatile locker organizer available. You can customize your space for large binders and various sized books, as well as make compartments for smaller items. Vertical dividers keep folders and notebooks from bending. Shelving is recessed so your magnetic accessories can still be attached to the inside of your locker door. LockerBones is a solid design, built to last from year to year.




LockerBones Configuration


How to select the right size:

Step 1:Measure the width of your locker to determine if it is 12″ or 15″. Lockers are standard widths, so you can use a ruler or a sheet of 8.5″x11″ paper to estimate the width.

Step 2:Determine whether the locker is a full length (one tall locker), half length (two lockers stacked), or third length (three lockers stacked).

Order the Double LockerBones for full length or half length lockers. Order the Single LockerBones for the shorter third length lockers.



Load your LockerBones

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