Simple Installation

Remember the super-easy over-sized puzzles from when you were in Pre-K? Well, here is where those skills pay off. Installing LockerBones is that simple. However, we have included the following pictures and videos to prove it. This is one puzzle you will be glad to have put together.

Paint Your Own Bones

LockerBones Skin Color is important. So important that we have made it simple for you to have any available color. That is right, we can send you BareBones (natural) or and you get to paint them any color you choose. To make it easy, we can send you paint, or we can even paint it for you!

Multiple Configurations

That is right! No more fixed shelves that never seem to be the right height and waste space. You can now choose from one of 15 different ways that you would like to configure “YOUR SPACE” to fit “YOUR STUFF.” You are going to love this! Plus, our Patent Pending design makes changing the configuration simple!