LockerBones Locker Shelf Systems as a School Fundraiser


At LockerBones, we recognize the value of in-school promotion of our products. We are excited to work directly with PTAs/PTOs/Booster Clubs, etc., to get every child possible a LockerBones organizer. The process is simple and the benefits are great.


How Fundraising Works

1) Contact a LockerBones sales representative at 601.488.7036 or by using the contact form.

2) We will provide you with a school fundraisercode for on-line orders and will send you a school fundraiser kit with flyers, order forms, and demo materials to show to students and parents, directing them to our site.

3) We mail the school organization a check for each LockerBones ordered, based on total volume. Higher profits are available if product is pre-ordered and shipped in bulk (50 unit minimum order required).


How Do I Get My School Fundraiser Code?

Schools: Contact us using the contact form on the left and we will send you a code for your school fundraiser.

Individuals: Get a fundraising code from your school to support their fundraising efforts.


Great Benefits Including:

  • Easy School Fundraiser Sales with a School Designated Online Fundraising Code
  • A Practical Product that Promotes the Life Skill of Organization
  • Reduces Student Stress between Classes
  • Students and Parents Love the Product
  • No Hassle Fundraising Process with No Risk, No Overhead, and Direct Profits
  • Custom School Colors Available (Bulk Orders)
  • Custom Sizes Available for Locker Rooms (Sports Teams)
  • Great Support from a LockerBones Sales Rep
  • Made with Recycled Materials


Downloadable Incentive
Program Documents